UniCide G15

In the oil fields, UniCide-G15 is a fast and effective biocide against all oil field bacterial life forms including the most damaging SRB colonies. This wide spectrum of biocidal activity and persistency over a wide temperature range supports its diverse range of application. Unlike many biocides which carry formaldehyde as their backbone and require an activation step to release formaldehyde, which then generates the active species, UniCide-G15 does not have formaldehyde in its molecular structure.

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Kemko’s U-Scav line of H2S scavengers includes water soluble triazine as well as non-triazine based and oil soluble scavengers with application in drilling, completion, stimulation and production operations. 


UniGreen sequesters the hydrocarbon contamination by total encapsulation immediately after application, which also mitigates the possibility of fire, vapour explosion, greasy residue or other unwanted hydrocarbon effects. UniGreen can be used in conjunction with other commercially available bioremediation products, or bio-nutrients without fear of unwanted interactions. 

UniGreen provides results whether remediating contaminated soil, water or VOC.

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USC-100 is designed to inhibit the formation and deposition of carbonate and sulphate scales in oil field water systems. It is highly effective against calcium carbonate and sulphate scales at sub-stoichiometric levels.


UniWax paraffin wax deposition control and inhibitor is highly effective in preventing paraffin wax deposition in waxy oil producing wells and transportation pipelines. UniWax inhibitor is best applied when injected at higher temperatures than the precipitation temperature of the crude constituent waxes.

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UMM-100 is a concentrated lubricant that increases the lubricity of all water based fluids including high salt concentrations. UMM-100 preferentially adsorbs on, and bonds with metal surfaces when present in a water-based fluid thereby vastly improving the fluids lubricity.


UFR-A100 Is an anionic synthetic polymer-based friction reducer in a slurry state. The polymer has been specifically treated to achieve total hydration in a short period of time.

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Stimulation Chemicals

ApHrox Syn

Kemko’s Patented ApHrox Syn is a wireline safe low pH organic salt that is used to replace traditional mineral and organic acids. This product is safe on most metals including aluminum, polished aluminum, copper and stainless steel. ApHrox Syn is non-irritating to skin, phosphate free, and biodegradable.

UniVive Ox

One of the drawbacks of polymer flood is its solubility behavior which over time leads to the build-up of polymer-oil mass at the near wellbore area causing formation damage with varying degree of severity. These highly stable elastic masses are highly stable and tenacious which makes simple washing an inefficient treatment option. Also, the polymers used in the polymer flood, mainly of polyacrylamide type, are chemically stable and typical acid treatment fails to breakdown their gel structure.

UniVive-Ox is a unique treatment designed to break the polymeric gel deposits around the wellbore. It’s a reviving wash solution that contains a relatively safe combination of oxidative degeneration components and other remedial measures.

UniVive W

UniVive W wax and scale control is a specifically designed product for wax and scale removal and deposition control.  UniVive W uses a unique chemistry to remove wax and scale agglomerates and effectively inhibit their redeposition. 

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