Health & Safety


Kemko holds the health and safety of its employees and its clients as our top priority. Our stringent policies, procedures, and training, along with our industry-leading tracking and compliance applications help to ensure their safety.

Kemko maintains a valid COR, which certifies the quality of our health and safety programs. We are committed to eliminating workplace injuries and protecting the health of our employees and those of our clients.

Every employee has a responsibility in the company’s health, safety and environmental initiative. Such responsibilities include strict adherence to regulatory requirements and company policy, along with active participation to improve performance. We continually work to identify and correct potential risks to our employees, customers, and the general public. Our HSE policies are continually updated to ensure we continue to remain incident-free.

Our clients can confidently evaluate our safety, insurance, quality, and regulatory performance, as we maintain up-to-date compliance data through a variety of safety management systems, including ISNetworld and Complyworks.